American Express now offers rewards through points that are earned every time money is spent using this plastic money, it is known as the american express rewards membership programm. For them it is a way of generating more money. Initially they cut down on the annual fees to maximize the flow of the American Express cards amongst consumers and now they have introduced the reward system to lure more consumers into purchasing the American Express card for a nominal Annual Fee to use the american express rewards service.

The American Express Rewards are introduced in the hope that people will be out spending more money through the American Express card and hence more retailers will be forced to keep this service in order to keep their business up and running.

According to American Express you can earn up to 1point on every dollar that you spend. So that would be a great saving, because you can collect these points to gain exclusive rewards. These rewards are different for different American Express cards and the american express rewards quality depends on your card, too.

Some of the American Express rewards that you can obtain on the Platinum card are transferable points to over 20 exclusive hotel and airline partners. You can even obtain access to rewards from luxury brands and once in a lifetime events.

For the more average consumer there is the Zync card from American Express. As an introductory offer you can earn around 10,000 Membership Rewards® bonus points after only first 5 purchases. You would be able to earn exclusive American Express Rewards for travel, entertainment and dining as well from this card. Rewards from over 500 leading brands in gift cards and merchandise could also be chosen.

Aren’t there any hidden fees in the american express rewards programm?

The number of points that you could obtain are not limited and these rewards don’t even have an expiration date. So there is no hidden agenda there. You could earn as many points as you want. When you purchase the card, you might already be enrolled for the reward program; however to avoid confusion later on, it is better to ask at the time of purchase or if you already have it you can log on to your account and click to see how many points you have.

american express rewards

The American Express rewards can indeed be a valuable commodity. You can bring it to your use in your every day expenditures like gas, groceries, gift certificates in holiday season for family and friends and for retail purchases. However don’t be lured into spending unnecessarily to gain those points, you might just end up spending more for these rewards.

All in all, the american express rewards membership programm is definitely advisable for personal cards, small buisness or even prepaid cards when you intend to travel a lot.

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